Where did you get that?
The seed for Rare Jenny Clothing was planted three years ago when Nancy started wearing her own original designs. People would frequently stop her and ask where she got her clothing. The same thing happened when friends were wearing her designs. Nancy discovered there was a hunger for beautifully made clothing with a timeless, almost romantic aesthetic, and she decided to fill the niche.

A brand is born
Family lore has it that Amelia Earhart once made an emergency landing on Nancy's Aunt Fern's farm in Atlantic, Iowa. This gave Nancy a special connection to Earhart, who besides being a heroine for her daring and bravery was one of Nancy's style icons. Nancy loves the story that Earhart slept in her leather flight jacket to give it a well worn and traveled look.

The name for the clothing line clicked when Nancy watched a documentary about The Jenny, the first plane to fly airmail in the U.S. and also the type of plane in which Amelia Earhart first learned to fly. The Jenny was such an iconic American plane that it became a U.S. postage stamp in 1918. When some of the stamps were accidentally printed with the image upside down, it became a rare collectible stamp – a Rare Jenny!

Rare, collectible, iconic,...Nancy knew she had found the name for her brand.

The Vision
"Good design that outlasts trends, that's my aim," said Nancy in a recent interview.

“I hope it evokes travel, in the sense that we are a part of yesterday, we are here today living our lives, and that tomorrow, the style of Jenny will continue.”

- Nancy Komick

The Clothes
Rare Jenny's fabrications and design details are carefully curated and blended together. Along with its signature feminine silhouette, the brand is a collaboration of texture, color, print and line.

The clothing suggests elegance, a bit of romance, curiosity and adventure. This collection is the foundation for the building blocks of the next collection, and so on. Pieces can be worn together or as separates.

"Rare Jenny is about being individual, about being the one and only you."